Are they attractive enough for a one night stand?

At a deeper level, this could be a consequence of their need to experience physical intimacy not being met. As they only know how to meet this need by having sex; this is what feels comfortable and safe. When what this person really needs is to be intimate with another human being. And while sex will be a part of this, there will be so much more.

Stage 3: Rebuilding one's relationship.   Once one has made the decision to work with one's spouse toward rebuilding one's relationship, one must be realistic about what one expects.  It will not be an easy road.  The process involves a careful self examination and an honest look at the relationship on the part of both the betrayed and the unfaithful.  In my experience, couples who have made this choice have always learned a great deal about them-selves as well as about their partner.  In order to maximize their learning, however, it is necessary for them to develop the necessary skills for doing so.  Often it is necessary to consult with a trained mental health professional to facilitate the communication between the partners, especially in the often emotionally raw state immediately after the affair.  The following suggestions can be helpful in developing the skills needed for effective communication.

As a result, each thinks that her partner’s clit is the same as her own and so she proceeds to handle it as such. However, her partner’s clit is too sensitive for that kind of treatment (or as an opposite - not sensitive at all).

Also, people tend to look their best at work. They want to look attractive and presentable. In the workplace, men see women -- and women see men -- in their best

Tantra is something that cannot be easily defined, and it may be different in some ways for each individual who uses its teachings and philosophies. Tantra is not a sexual experience fit for a one night stand, or even a casual fling; rather, Tantra is for the couple who wants to take their relationship to a more intimate – some would even say spiritual – level. Unlike other sexual encounters, the goal of Tantra is not to achieve orgasm. Instead, the aim is for the participants to experience a wider range of sexuality and to create a new level of energy. Tantra helps a couple expand their sexual and emotional boundaries, allowing them to become empowered and fulfilled by the experience. The duration of tantric sex tends to be much longer than the average lovemaking session, and the couple may even have 2 or 3 orgasms through the course of the event.