Are You Up For A One Night Stand?

And even though being human means being interdependent, it doesn’t mean that one feels comfortable with this truth. Independence is often seen as the way to be and as a sign that one has grown up. However, if one was to take a deeper look, they would soon see that it is just a word and doesn’t reflect the nature of reality.

Communication Skills.  Being able to communicate is one of the greatest assets in any relationship; it is especially important when trying to rebuild a relationship after an affair. And it is especially difficult when dealing with the emotionally charged experience of betrayal.

In fact, she forgets the whole world. Let her enjoy the silence if she likes to. Guide yourself by calibrating your actions based on her subtle signals.

husbands have had affairs with someone they met at work. So you see, cheating at the workplace is a very big problem -- and it's happening with both men and women.

If anything can be said about tantric sex, it is that it is a marathon, not a sprint. The couple should engage in a great deal of foreplay to help build up the sexual experience. Lingering over each other's bodies helps build energy, intimacy, and anticipation, all of which helps lead to more powerful orgasms.

5.Open, honest communication is mandatory. Talk about sex. Tell each other what you like and dislike. A good way to do this is to always offer choices A and B and ask which she likes best. This avoids the damage to fragile egos that young men are so prone to when they are learning about a new lover. If a man hears, “I don’t like that” it is very easy for him to have his feelings hurt and this may cause him to withdraw, or get angry, or react in some dysfunctional way. But if you give your women, for example, the choice between fondling her breasts this way, or this way, and ask which is best, you will not have your feelings hurt, and you will quickly learn what she really likes. This is how a lover becomes a great lover.

Keep the emphasis on enjoying the season. To do that you need to stay in your social loop or build a new one. There are tons of ways to do that from clubs and organizations, newsletters, meet-up groups and many others. The more of these you have (that you can reasonably manage) the more chance you have to find things to do. Without these opportunities your fling turns into a friends-with-benefits situation and you lose the overall experience.