The Death of Traditional Sex in a Unisex World

This means that one is not independent and that they are inherently interdependent. To feel there is something wrong with having needs is then to feel that there is something wrong with being human.

After an affair, resuming a normal sexual relationship may seem all but impossible.  The hurt spouse often feels undesirable and may assume that the unfaithful partner would rather be with his or her lover.  As much as the hurt partner wants assurances and physical closeness, he or she is apt to push the partner away, not wanting to be that vulnerable.  There are the conflicting reactions of wanting closeness yet wanting to protect oneself.  The unfaithful partner may still be in the throes of the break up with his or her lover and may miss the illicitness of the affair.  Developing an intimate connection after an affair may take quite a while.  It will be necessary to explore the assumptions that each may be making regarding the other's behavior.  Before resuming sexual relations, learning to be comfortable in each other's physical presence, especially naked, may take time.  It will not come naturally.  It will take practice and conversations. Overcoming expectations and assumptions about sexuality will be part of the conversations.  It is virtually impossible not to compare one's self or one's partner with the other member of the affair.  Questions will emerge that need to be answered before more normal sexual relations can occur.

Make your woman communicate with you. It is not just important. It is CRUCIAL. Many lesbian couples never ask each other even the simplest things including how sensitive their respective clits are.

Well, my research has shown that "neglect" is the operative word in MOST cheating situations. When men feel neglected, they cheat. When a woman feels neglected by her husband, she'll be open to offers from other men. This neglect can come in many forms -- in the bedroom, or simply not taking an active interest in your partner's feelings and being emotionally supportive when they have troubles.

Tantric sex is one of those hot trends that most men and women have heard about, and some may have even practiced; but for most, this Eastern discipline remains something of a mystery. A friend or coworker may have talked about going to a tantric sex workshop or retreat, leaving others wondering – why does someone need a class to learn how to have sex? The answer is that tantric sex is not one's every day “wham-bam-thank-ya-ma'am” type of sexual experience. While it may not be for every couple, those that practice it can experience a whole new level of sensuality. Learn more about tantric sex, where to start as a beginner, and how to keep the penis healthy for an intense sexual experience.